Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ruby Mae Has Something to Say

Here are some illustrations I made for my Children's Book Illustration and the Real World class. The story is called Ruby Mae Has Something Say written and illustrated by David Small. The story follows a woman from Texas called Ruby Mae, Ruby Mae whose dream to spread her message of "universal peace and understanding" is pulled to a halt by her inability to speak clearly without getting tongue tied. I will be finishing the book over the summer.


  1. hey steph...its autumn by the way : )
    how are you? anyway i just wanted to ask what medium do you usually use? acrylic?
    lol very random but just wondering. I love your blog : )
    you should definitely post more stuff on here

  2. Hey Autumn! I'm great how are you? I guess you can answer that via facebook :) I used gouache for these illustrations and the ones under the title Arethusa.

  3. Hmm ok. I'm great also! Kalel just had his 2nd birthday and a huge party. Hopefully I'll post some pictures of how huge he is and maybe a video of the little man lol.
    But yeah I've been painting a lot mostly kids pictures to frame for Kalel's room. Gives me something to do and he likes when I do it cuz he gets to color and do crafty stuff : )