Friday, December 25, 2009

Pictorial Problems: Thesis Arethusa

The following images are what I have done so far for my junior thesis. I am working on a 18 page comic book depicting the Greek Myth Arethusa with a small spin on the story. I plan on working on a few pages during the winter break so keep an eye out for new posts! (I plan on redoing the Splash page)

Pictorial Problems: Oedipus Poster

This was my first assignment in my pictorial problems class. We had to make a poster for the Greek Myth Oedipus the King. I believe it's 20x30, I used reeves bfk paper and gauche. (I redid this poster like twice before I got this one..yikes)

I'm Back!

Hey Everyone,

I have ignored my blog long enough and now it's time to do some major updates. Since my last post I have done so much work. I'll be posting some pic's of my school work and a brief summary on each enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


These are some sketches from earlier in July.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jungle Fever

Here is a really cool (well I think) Illustration of a group of adventurers caught in the jungle by snakes. This is one out of the 5 pieces I am sending to the Art Directors Club Scholarship *fingers crossed*. It does not have a title but maybe 'Jungle Feve' will work?

First Illustration of the Summer

So, I guess it was a week after school was out for the summer when I decided to look through the illustrations I made during the school year. I found an assignment I did for my Principles of Illustrations class at the School of Visual Arts. I looked at it and I thought it was OK... but I wanted to give the assignment another try. The original assignment was to draw a crowd at woodstock enjoying the music (I decided to skip the crowd part of the assignmet). Well I gave it another shot and above is the original assignment and beneath is my own version.